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Loss of power and backfiring


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Herald was serviced, been to 2 shows, used last weekend and were on the way to a show today, started fine, ran ok for about 1/2 mile then starting running rough, eventually lost power going up hill and died. Not sure where to start, checked points, ok, replaced wire to LV side as it was poor condition. Started and it misfired and no power and then cuts out. If anything it seemed to get to temperature quicker than normal (but it is warm today). Any ideas? I’m thinking timing or condenser (I may put the old plugs back in)

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Condensers fail in two ways:

A/ they fail.to condense ( store charge to suppress arcing)

Or B/ they conduct.   This short circuits the points, so no spark.

But the condenser is only there to suppress that arcing that otherwise shortens the life of the points.   So if you are ever in doubt, remove the condenser!   Your engine will run normally, but the points might only last 1000 miles.   Enough to get you home, surely?


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yes any wire will do but it must be flexible (insulation and conductor) as the backplate of the dizzy moves back and forth under the action of the vac unit and so the wires connecting it will be bent one way and the other, a lot...

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silicon sleeved wire is better at coping with the heat and is generally more flexible than any normal plastic sleeved wire from the cupboard

you could de sleeve some wire and feed it through the cotton braided sleeve of the original to effect a repair but as Jonny says this gets moved around a lot 

and ordinary wire just goes hard and stiff and wont last long apart from a temporary fix 


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