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Cable near gearbox


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Good Evening Yet Again

I notice on my herald there is a pair of wires coming from where the gearbox is. There are green and green brown. See attached photo. Any idea what they are for.

Thanks in advance 



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They are for the reverse light which is operated by a switch on the gearbox. Does yours work? If not its likely those two wires need to be plugged in to the same colour wires in the loom unless they were left disconnected for a reason😲 

Perhaps best to put a meter across them on resistance (checking theres no voltage to start with) where the reading should be high until you select reverse and then you should have zeroish.

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Thanks all. My  job for the weekend to check out. It would be good if it had overdrive as it this is what heralds really needed. If it has then will need some further advise on switching and wiring. A question for the future.

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