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Fuel coming out of air intake - GT6


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Hi all

For Twin Strombergs, can anybody tell me if it's normal for fuel to exit from the air intake side of the carb if stopping the engine whilst on choke / engine not up to working temp.  I've heard that fuel collects in the manifold / throttle side of the carb in this scenario but on my car it seems to build up on the throttle side of the barrel then overflow via the air intake side.  It's probably only a teaspoon of fuel. 

I get the same affect if I prime the engine via the pump, choke on, engine off.

Thanks for any advice.

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sounds more likely the float needle valve has a problem and spillage is due to excessive fuel levels especially if overflow is possible by pump priming and engine off

i take it you have the side mounted starting valve on the front carb ??? with a connecting tube to the rear

the choke on these takes its fuel from a tube near the main jet excess fuel levels will feed fuel up the tube quite easily and you will get what you are seeing 

Im sure there will be some debris in the back of the float needle valve like the dreaded rubber slivers 



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Yup, the dread rubber slivers, quite common they come off the rubber pipe.  A bit fiddly, but you can take the bottoms off the reservoirs and remove the valves without taking the whole carb assemblies off. I hold the valves under the cold water tap at full power, surprising what comes out. Then prime the petrol pump to flush out anything else that might be lurking. I made the mistake of not priming and had to do it all again 2 days later. :angry:


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