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Stromberg mystery

Stratton Jimmer

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I have been stripping a spare front Stromberg 150CDSE and noticed that the Delrin washer on the needle is about one and a half millimetres lower than the air piston. The rear 150CDSE had its Delrin level with the bottom of the air piston. Based on one of uncle Pete's posts a while back, I inserted an Allen key to retract the needle such that the Delrin washer is level with the bottom of the air piston. The key engaged nicely but rotating it in either direction failed to move the needle up or down. has anyone any ideas why this should be? I had removed the needle locking grub screw although Haynes says that shouldn't be necessary.

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13 minutes ago, dougbgt6 said:

Goes back in quite easily, dashpot between your hands pushing the washer while rotating the Allen key.

How many hands are required Doug ūüėČ? The washer and consequently the needle seem to be rather stiff to move so they may be against the thread so a simple question is - RH or LH thread?


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yes you should be able to rewind and get the needle carrier to re engage the adjusting Nut 

and yes level the delrin washer with the air piston base is the correct base setting 

just been playing with a spitty with a 2.5 lump the new 2.5 needles were a bit like your ones  

it hadnt run for many months and after some twiddling its now flying .had to loosen the grub screw to lower the needle  to level 



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