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New here (sort of) with a TR7

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Just bought a very nice TR7, never had one before, never worked on one before. I’ve had a few other Triumphs over the years; 3x stags, TR6, Spitfire and Dolomite Sprint. 

I'm sure I will have lots of questions as there are a few things to put right over the coming months. 


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Welcome (Can't really go on calling you Grumpy, can we?)

I restored a TR7 convertible in 2018, quite interesting but almost too modern for me. It's on the restoration thread on the forum. Unusual in that some of the fasteners were UNF, some UNC and some metric, but all parts were readily available.


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well  so long as he is not part of the club of 7  were ok 

Seven  Names in Order

  • 1. Doc
  • 2. Sleepy
  • 3. Dopey
  • 4. Grumpy
  • 5. Happy
  • 6. Bashful
  • 7. Sneezy

Im sure the Tr7 will put a smile on the face , loved by some hated by others but can be quick and very usable  classic 



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