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Rocker box gasket


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It depends if you have a standard steel rocker cover or a new alloy one. The standard gasket (GEG414) will not fit an alloy cover. I have this problem with a Herald 1200 where the PO has used an original type gasket with a new alloy cover. The alloy ones have flat sealing surfaces with no rim to retain the standard narrow gasket so need a thin, wider gasket. Rimmer Bros. have an example of this thin type for the alloy covers in silicone (AJM414URT), as do the Club Shop.

I like rubberised cork, so have got Rimmers' thin cork version for the Herald (AJM414T).

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you really cant do a mix and match  tin cover needs a thick cork/rubber  type gasket the alloy needs the flat neoprene one 

the sealing faces are so different you need to get it right

even the tin cover has very poor gasket location and often needs sealer to hold it in place while you fit it

misplaced gaskets are a common source of oil leaks along with over tightened covers getting quite distorted 


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