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Starting issues following carb rebuild


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I have a 1977 Spitfire 1500


Ive just rebuilt my carbs, new jets, needles, valves, gaskets. They have both been reset (jet adjusting screw 2 turns anti  clockwise and idle screw 2.5 turns clockwise), ready for tuning.


Trouble is i cant get the engine to start, it turns over and i can confirm a spark at each plug. Any idea's?




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Hi mark

There are only two things stopping an engine firing up

1 no spark

2 no fuel

As you say there is a spark so it must be lack of fuel, disconnect the fuel pipe at the carb to see if fuel flows. If not that is your problem if there is fuel the car should start even if it runs rough. The starting point for your carbs jet should be level with the bridge then two full turns full anti clockwise then refer to the carb setting instructions in your manual. Give me a message if this help get you going



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Thanks for the responses, Theres fuel flowing into both carbs and i have the correct adjustments set. havent tried checking for slivers of rubber yet so i'll try that at the weekend, i'll double check my leads as well, i did try a strobe on all the leads and it was lighting up fine when the engine was turning over




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I would turn the engine over, take out a plug and check if it's wet with fuel. If it is, well, the carbs and the vacuum are working. If it's dry check the manifold gasket for leaks and double double check the carb gaskets. I've had spark and fuel and no start due to leaking manifold gasket. Also another time I put the carb gaskets in the wrong way round  :wub:


A spray can of "easy start" is useful, A shot through each carb and if you have spark and compression the engine will start, briefly. 

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