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Spax Adjustable Front Shocks

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I have acquired in a job lot of bits, 2 Spax Gas front shocks, with adjustable damping. There's plenty of resistance if you push down or pull up, but they don't creep back out after being compressed as you'd expect a standard shock, is this normal on a 'performance' item?


Is there any process to prime them, or is it just a case of setting to the softest setting then firming up until you get the desired ride.


Obviously don't want to fit them if they're dead, so any tips of effectively checking them would be good.

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I think they are fine, I am certain the Spax I had fitted were the same, and my Koni's. Seems your observation may well be correct about uprated items.


One thing, check the adjusters move freely, and keep them protected as they do seize sometimes very quickly. I have used a squirt of chain lube (marvellous stuff for lots of things) and give the adjusters a regular twiddle.


As to settings, at the front with stronger springs a few clicks from softest is a good start. So many people set shocks way too hard (especially at the rear which makes the cars skittish)

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agree with Clive  the adjust knob can be removed with allen key under is a simple ball and spring to give you the clicks 

these get clagged up with road dirt


we had some made special short ones  by gaz and the graph that came with it made little sense unless you had a dyno to operate them


they have nearly a full turn of many clicks start in the halfway and decide up a bit or down a bit   think there was 16 clicks ??


 1 click makes little change    4 is noticable   


personally i found them a pain , get a setting with a driver  its great  till you load her up and then its a bit soft  or too hard 

in out twiddle about ,  thats a bit harsh  twiddle thats to soft   in out shake it all about  


certainly they can be set to give a more stable handling than the std black things available  


its a down to preference some love Em some dont 



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