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Overdrive solenoid


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Which solenoid - starter or overdrive ??


Starter - no


Overdrive - yes, but no overdrive engagement. 


Why would you ??





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mentioned in other threads is the  D type solenoid has a switch in its end to cut the pull in coil and engage a holding coil


this is under the rubber boot,  some switches can be removed and cleaned some are solid in sealer and cant be repaired


its operated by a small pushrod in the base of the coils  the armature( plunger) just presses it when it reached the end of its travel


this travel is linked to the need to align the lever hole with the one in the case , if it cant travel enough you dont trigger the holding coil


if it travels without aligning the lever hole you operate the holding coil but will be short of hydraulic pressure as you dont  lift the small  spool valve off it seat ( under the cap screw on the top of the case )( theres a ball spring and needle  with tiny hole through it which can get blocked .

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