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converting a drain/filler diff plug to magnetic

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Yes, deffo wurth it, can drain oot all the olde built up crud.

if done, then fill diff up wid a  deisel oil or a engine drain oil,

run carefull, no much load fora  few miles, change oil, see sheite that comes oot.


then fill 80 /140 oil


then after amonth or so, change agen,

its only a pint,

oil will be black i will think,


then re fill wid 80 / 140, and change yearly.




Butt, also try and put one in the fill plug too

the fill plug magnet will catch moer sheite than the sump magnet, !!!


if yer gonna drill yer own, then need  heat resistant magnets,

e bay sells em, quite cheep



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