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What's this diff?

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I think I've unearthed it. LE I think? Anyone else?


Am I right in think the stag had lockheed version in 3.7 ratio? But there are other simular diffs in lockheed or girling with 3.45 to 4.11 ratios? Yet they all look the same? Am I right in thinking lockheed and girling had different locking pins on the rear cover?

Also looking at rimmerbros website the crown wheels mount differently. But are the bearings etc the same? Are the carriers the same?



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Stag diff has got a diff pin bearing to a saloon, or TR,

its shallower in height,  and also aboot 10-12 thou less in dia.,  so a TR/Sal will not fit


casings are diff too, cant bung a Stag CW ina sal,or TR, they catch, not much, easily ground away.

and back plate is diff, so too is the bolt pattern

carrier is diff too.



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So the case is different slightly. Are the crown wheel and pinions the same. Rimmerbros has them listed as the same part 502127 for 3.7 ratio for 2000/2500/pi tr2-6 and stag?

I've heard/seen the bmw e30 diff and subframe conversion. Is there any other options too? Just thinking...

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