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lubricating rev counter and speedo cables


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Inner will pull out but only from one end.

I have always used a light (very light) smear of grease.ie bit of grease in hand, pull cable through while lightly gripping.


However, if the cable is noisy or erratic, replace it. And I have never lubricated a cable as routine maintenance, but when the cable is out anyway. Even then not always...

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a dry graphite is deemed the best way,  but we all use a grease of any sort , as Clive says , what you dont want is the spiral wound inner and outer can transpose grease up into the head and goo up the magnetic drive plate.


I have a jar of special  peculiar grease for these cables it was used when we had to fill correction boxes and make up cables  in the days of  cable drives  for tachographs 

it smells awful and once under the nails is there for days ...  i only keep the stuff for nostalgic sillyness.  


if the cable inner is too long/ too short you can with some grips rotate the spiral outer this will shorten if wound up or lengthen if unwound 

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