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Can you use a modern laquor over cellulose


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Hello, I've decided to keep my door capping off to expose the body colour underneath so I've touched up with cellulose. As it's on an area that is prone to wear I thought a modern hard coat of laquor will keep it looking good longer.


Is this possible and sensible?



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The usual rule is that you can use a paint (or whatever) with a less aggressive thiner than what you are painting over.

So as celly is about the most aggressive thiiners, yiou should be OK. But as Pete correctly says, check first.


But you haven't said which lacquer? water based, 2k isocyanate etc


But anything household should be fine.

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Hi Clive


because I'm unsure I haven't bought any yet. Just to clarify it is all rattle can application.  I've seen some forums that say it takes months for cellulose to dry fully and it can get reactivated by additional paint/clear coats (which concurs with your comment). I assume I'd have to go over the touched up celly with 1200 w+d to provide a key? I have spayed a hidden area for testing!



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The clear lacquers you can buy are most likely acrylic and will be Ok over the cellulose, "K would also be Ok and much harder wearing but is not available in a can as it is  2 part. The lacquer for water based paint is the same or as near as dam it the old 2 K clear lacquer, so it is only the colour coat that is more environmentally friendly compared to the old 2K colour and clear top coat.

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