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Who to use for GT6 Engine Rebuild?

brian GT6.

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I'm planning potential upgrades for the winter. I've already commissioned the rotoflexes to be replaced by the Jigsaw CV joint driveshaft kit.


I'm building a Dax Rush in the garage (and have been for 4 years!) so i'm having to have the work done for me.


The engine has done 96k and I would like to have a rebuild and take the opportunity to have a TR5 camshaft fitted and some gentle  headwork just to spice things up a little bit. 


I've been speaking to Cameron Gilmour services, and they seem happy to show pictures of their engine work on facebook (if that means anything really).


Also there is the option of Jigsaw.


Does anyone have any experience of either those company's work or any other suggestions / experiences??


Any input gratefully received. 

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Hi Brian,


It might be worth having a look at the engine re-manufacturing service offered through the TSSC club shop. The work is done by Ivor Searle who have an excellent reputation. I have had good experience with them on a head refurbishment. If you are looking at a lightly breathed on engine they also offer a stage 2 upgrade.



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Try Peter Burgess for the head.

Also have think about cams, the TR5 profile is really for a 2.5, so may not get to use the extra revs offered by the 2 litre.


I believe jigsaw just sub the work out, you may be able to find who they use direct, but building these engines is not rocket science. The important bit is finding somebody who understands the cam/head relationship. And then getting the distributor matched (or use a mapped dizzy or other ignition) and a good session on the rollers....

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Although in Woodbridge, Suffolk COLTEC RACING are exceptionally good http://www.coltecracing.com/


I have used them on a number of occasions for engineering requirements for various marques and their work is second to none; Richard Coles (owner) is a fantastic engineer.


Certainly worth a call or a visit as they are only about 90 minutes from your location.


Good luck.

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Just wanted to say that I was very very pleased with the job that Mark at jigsaw did. Also had 6 3 1 exhaust manifold fitted and the 25 65 camshaft fitted along with some light head work. It was all rolling road set up and produced 112 bhp with presumably a little more when run in. The biggest difference is how silky smooth the engine is, which I guess comes from properly balanced components.


Anyway, now I cant wait for spring and non salted roads. Over the last two years I now done:


  • CV conversion kit for rubber doughnuts.
  • All new poly bushes on the rear
  • new rear wheel bearings
  • gaz adjustable dampers rear
  • recon diff
  • new propshaft
  • recon, balanced, unleaded engine with full stainless manifold and exhaust
  • new clutch
  • new brake calipers
  • polybush front suspension
  • adjustable AVO coilovers on the front
  • New uprated radiator


Over winter I might try to have a go at the bulk head paintwork as it lets the car down a little.



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I think I managed to get away with it by hiding most of the cost from the rest of the family. :) 

Also by arguing that it was a long term investment and would not lose money in the long run.


One of thee biggest differences i've noticed in driving the car has been the new bushes and dampers. I think when the old ones are knackered it gives much more of a contrast. Looking forward to some French events next year.

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I'm not sure that Mark would be too keen on me saying as we did a deal that included a load of other parts. To be honest all the quotes I had were coming in at over the 3k mark for the engine rebuild work. Someone mentioned that jigsaw farms the work out. That isn't quite correct. He gets some of the machining done externally but he builds and balances all the all the engines himself. There is a good utube clip where he built a gt6 engine for car SOS.

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