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Bearing removal tools

Paul H

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On my xmas list I would like to add bearing removal tools. My experience to date is pretty basic and currently use a vice and a copper headed hammer , plus I have borrowed a slide hammer which was very effective - Is there a "kit" that can be purchased that would cover most jobs for my Vitesse ? 


Thanks in advance



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Yes bigger vice and bigger mallet theres not much that cant be accomadated with simple but stong means


decent drifts for knocking bearings out , set of circlip pliers


battery impact wrench


taps and dies


stanley posidrive and phillips screwdrivers last a lifetime

snap on ones have been replace three times and seem rubbish.


ratchet ring spanners sets ,


Iarge sockets tubes and studding to make a bush drag


decent collection of new bolts nuts washers


much more usefull than a drag you only use once


5ltr tin of brake cleaner and special spray pump pot

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I've got most of Pete's recommendations, except the impact wrench, but if you ask him nicely.......................... :lol:


I also have a ball joint splitter and a hub puller and I hope Santa is bringing me a trolley jack. 


Also, looking at more than Triumphs, I have a set off  star sockets, very popular on moderns.  And a stubby with 50, yes 50, different bits, some of them I've never seen before but I'm told there are applications out there.

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Ebay has some churchill hydraulic kits I have had the ram and beam for years now very powerfull




Hi Pete re the hydraulic kit you suggested would it be able to set this spacer into position ie configured to push or pull the spacer 




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