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Torque setting for rear trunnion housing to vertical link?


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Hi All,


I'm refitting my rear vertical links to the half-shaft trunnion housings on my late Mk3 GT6 and have got to the stage of tightening up the bolt that goes through the bushes. I can't find the torque setting for this bolt anywhere. Haynes tells you to torque it to the correct setting but then doesn't seem to tell you what that setting should be and I've drawn a blank with the Triumph workshop manual. Does anybody know what the correct torque setting would be for the rear trunnion bolt?







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I don't have the correct torque figure for that particular bolt and nor do I have a Rolls Royce but I tend to use this link below if the workshop manual does not give a specific torque figure. 




I know I shouldn't be too far out for general tightening.




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