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yellow vitesse for sale


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Its not in the feb courier so details are only available on line to club members until its published

if you are a member then you need to log in the home page and the advert details will show.


Its done that way so theres an advantage of membership you get the details earlier than non members

You could contact hq as the non logged in suggests or fill in the contact them email in the drop box


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Hi will have to join just haven't got round to it yet

A common error! Best bet is to join a club as soon as you start seriously looking for a car, and ideally get along to a local meeting. 

After all, yiu can usually get cheaper insurance if a club member, as well as an assortment of other benefits. Biggest plus is the other folk in the club, get to know them and it makes ownership much much easier, often cheaper, and a lot more interesting.

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