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Wilko Classic Oil

Paul H

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If you message me your outside PM, I will despatch an article I wrote about oils very recently. Have a read of it and then you can make your decision !!





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this is the old utopia or compromise again 

a lot depends on you need good levels of Zds in pushrod engines of our time


throw in how many miles per year will i do,  how often will i change the oil  

good old triumph WSM gives no frequency  or oil specification  clues as usual,      you need a service handbook 

this suggests   oil change every 6k with a new filter at every 12k  there are many now defunct  20/50 oil names but absolutely no 

addative specs given



most of us probably do it annually  some never do it   !


then are you racing drive it like you stole it or a quite poodler  


all goes into the mix of .......what oil    


ive used wilko and G force budget oils and fine  until they get chased then the pressure drops off , where as a high grade 

with all the bells and whistles around the  £20- £30   holds up how ever you drive it. 


theres a preference here and its down to that you get what you pay for,  just depends what 'That'  is .



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You have chosen well.


I know Guy Lachlan, who owns the company - very decent chap.


His knowledge of oils is second to none and the 20W/50 Heritage Oil is an excellent product. As you say high ZDDP, high shear stability and well pitched on the API scale at "SL"


He did his homework very well indeed especially when Millers priced themselves out of the market with their 20W/50 and of course very deftly took on the role of being Penrite's sole UK importer after the Penrite factory closed down in the UK end of last year.


Guy will have his stall at the Stoneleigh Show on Sunday and he is certainly a chap worth speaking with.


Through my other classic car club, I have taken on responsibility for being a distributor in East & West Sussex for the Heritage Oil.





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