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oil leak sealer


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its possible to remove the tail housing  with gearbox in the car


need to  drain oil  remove prop and coupling , undo the cotton reel mounts , jack  the box  up a little remove speedo cable and undo the housing , remove clean reseal and refit.


i have no experience of oil leak sealer additives


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Leak sealers i.e. the ones you pour into the oil were originally designed to swell leather seals (or cork gaskets?) so the the leak stopped... don't think they have any effect on modern seals. You can get the ones like a crayon which you rub into the joint and they might work at this point... I think Frost sell them? 

(they do... just checked)



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leak sealer wont wuk on Gaskets,

it,ll doo its job on rubber type seals, as it meks,m swell up.


if yer gonna get it off, use a silicon sealant, or a Loctite type stuff  574 is v v good

butt, the flanges gotta be v v clean.


the Pen type, its like a  grey waxy candle

it wuks for a short time, then fails


If, yer after a DIY approach, then if ye can identify where its actually leakin frae,

then clean it all off, an seal it on oot side wid a sealant,

butt,its gotta be spotlessly clean,or silicon sealant wont stick





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