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GT6 Hi Torque Starter


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Hi all


Just fitted a hi-torque starter purchased from the club, I can confirm its the right model.


The problem is it engages perfectly but when the engine fires up it does not disengage! and  spins around with the engine. I only ran it fir a few seconds as I don't want to damage the starter


It did seem a little sloppy when I fitted it in that I could move it around to locate the bottom bolt but I don't think thats anything to do with it. 


Help appreciated





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I cannot be 100% certain, but should there be a spacer ring between the starter motor and the housing it bolts on to ??


If there should be one it may be stuck to the original item you have just removed.


I only say this because I had exactly the same situation with a dolomite engine - before realising the spacer was still stuck to the starter I had just removed.


Fingers crossed !!





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The rings tend to stick to the starter motor. Add a bit of grease + muck around that area and it gives the impression it is all one unit. Very cunning :ph34r:  !!!!!!


Good news and good luck.



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it depends on the base motor.  some have bolt holes some have studs ,


they are generally recycled from a previous life  from a modern which may have had a stud to aid online fitment 

on the triumph you need long long extensions and and start  from up the exhaust pipe  !!!

or clever use of a variety of bent rings and ratchet rings , back to front sockets . and sticky platers



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warning,befoer its fitted, there some holes init, thee,s wer drains for the OE orientation,

they let water in,  the water runs along the bottom, into the pluger contacts, buggers them up no end

also, gets into the brush pack, and really buggers that up


there also maybe some holes at the other end, that,ll let water in, check it oot,


drill another wol at the new bottom, this let water oot

ev a good read thru here, see wot im on aboot





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