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Anyone near Glasgow


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Hi trying to find anyone who lives in or around Glasgow that has a timing gun .If you can try and help me sort out my 1360 maybe this weekend I can pay for petrol and provide tea coffee biscuits and even a bottle of single malt ????thanks for looking regards Paul

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With electronic ign you dont really need a strobe

do same as points ign On

Connect small bulb between coil neg and earth


turn engine

the pick up will trigger , same as points and light the bulb at the firing pojnt


turn engine clockwise till just lights and compare the timing pointer


or set the timing pointers and turn the dizzy to light the lamp on no 1



if that helps



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so its def points..  ,  


small bulb will work easy .


or with engine running undo dizzy clamp  rotate the dizzy to get the best fastest running and then back it off a bit , you dont want best  , just retard to drop down from the best revs , nip it up and try it, if it pinks   drop it back a little more   and so on.



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Ditch the costs of addatives and run on 97/99 which is nearer to what these were designed to run on

when they were built 95 went in side valves and lawn mowers


pinking is a tin can rattle you get when pulling open throttles in a high gear

its bad for pistons .


95 wont give you the 20mph problem you are having but you have to retard to a late spark and suffer less performance and a hot engine

at 97 you can use factory timing and the optimum performance


have you looked to see that the throttle actually opens when you press the pedal ???

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Pete you said that if i connect a small bulb to to the neg coil and earth i take it i can use any 12 volt car bulb and connect split wire to the neg and pos of the bulb sort of make shift strobe light then when bulb lights do i look at where the little Mark is on the front of the engine to try and get the marks to line up by rotating the dizzy to get the timing correct after i get that take it would then need to recheck the carburetor is set correctly as well ?

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Thats the plan but a small pea or panel bulb, if you use a flasher bulb it will bypass the points completly

so something small


doenst matter what polarity the bulb or holder is, just clip or hook a wire to the coil neg and other to an earth somewhere easy, when the points just open the bulb will light. And stay on till the points get closed , its the immediate just on you are looking for

but must be with rota pointing at no 1 or no4 leads or you wont find the timing pointers

or check the rockers on no1 are in balance and both have some tappet gap then you know you are on no1 compression stroke





check where they are and clean them up before you start.a dab of marker or tippex are good to highlite

the marks.

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what ye need is a small electrical tester screwdriver

and one wid a croc clip on one end, so it holds onto thingys


aboot  in most Pound shops or cheep shops


And, also, ye really need a wee file, a diamond one will be best,

this t,get the spike of the points

as if not got rid of that, then sett,n points is impossarble


Or, some thing like this








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Brand new battery but it did end of dead cause of my daft son but i did get car started and run it for a bit so battery is charged bavk upi think as for starter its not been changed over but seems ok car starts first turn of the key most times

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