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Think of getting Herald / Vitesse convertable


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Hi all


I am looking at buying a Herald / Vitesse convertible. I currently have an MG Midget on the road and an MGB GT undergoing surgery... so I have an insight into maintaining classics.


What are the main areas of tin worm that I should be aware of when looking to buy, are spares readily available and are there any books that I buy that may help in my search.





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Tony, I can't comment on the specifics of the convertibles, but having owned two Heralds they have a tendency to rot in all the usual places, front and rear wheel arches, corners of boot floors where they mount to the chassis, door bottoms are particularly prone to tin worm.


In each case repair panels are available, as are full panels for the common areas, wings, door skins etc.


Because of the separate chassis, you also need to check that, especially the out riggers which run under the perimeter of the cabin. These are frequently rotten, but also relatively cheap to replace parts wise. In terms of fitting, this can usually be done with body on, and to be honest is probably better done that way, if only for set up, to ensure that all the mounting points remain in the right places relative to the body.


The saving grace of the Herald is that it a giant Meccano set, with many sections of the shell bolting together, to allow easy replacement or removal for repair.


I haven't touched a spanner in years, but have really enjoyed getting to grips with my Heald over the last 9 months.



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if you go to the home page and click the cars

select the model 

then scroll down there are download buyers guides


all a bit basic   .  what you need to do is get to one of our many area meetings and talk to owners local to you 

look in the Area directory for a meet near to you

there is a Haynes how to restore your Spit.GT6 Herald vitesse  etc which gives some good detail   isbn   1 85960 867 1



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I'll pre-empt my local area member Lawrence on this one (sorry Lawrence!!) - suspect everything between the bumpers. Then include the bumpers. 


If you've already got an MG or two you'll know all about British steel - great if well looked after but a tendency to rot everywhere if ignored. The chassis is obviously the main area of concern, especially the dip around the differential / rear axle - check the inside of each rail and poke it hard with a screwdriver or other prod. Repair sections are available, as Bordfunker has already said, so nothing to be worried about unless you've spent a fortune on a car that turns out to be a money pit. 

Lindsay Porter's Guide to Restoration used to be a great book, as is the Practical Classics Herald / Vitesse restoration. Look out for both on eBay but don't pay anywhere near the price of this one:





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"Suspect everything between the bumpers. Then include the bumpers"


Nice one Colin, that made me laugh out loud - and so very true!


If it is metal, it rusts. Remember that they are now between 50 and 60 years old, and had a design life of probably ten years. No-one anticipated that a bunch of lunatics like us would still be driving them in the 21st Century.





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