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Gearbox Tunnel Mod - Vitesse

Paul H

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My Vitesse has a fibreglass gearbox tunnel - Just made a cutout to access the gearbox oil plug - The cutout section is hinged using gaffa tape . Also removed the original soundproofing and used sound deadening pads - This system should go some way to reflect the heat from the gearbox / engine - see pics 





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May help a bit, but the biggest issue with heat is leaks. As in gaps, so pay plenty of attention to getting a really good fit. On one tunnel that wasn't playing ball I used silicone. Made removal tricky (or would have done, oil filler flap like yours mean it never came out again in my ownership) but I think a sharp knife would have cut the silicone and then made a good seal when re-fitted.


My current tunnel is metal (long story) and despite good intentions, the oil filler hole is just covered with gaffa tape. Never got round to a trap door arrangement, but has not been an issue at all. And I have just used fresh tape when checking the oil.

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I have thought of doing this myself, because the keyhole washers and bolts routine is such a faff, and I don't bend as well as I used to. Mine is a fibreglass tunnel, and I thought about using one of those big plastic bungs you get in those cardboard tubes containing pictures, or plugging sill cavities and the like on moderns. Trouble is I also have an early Spit footrest bolted to the tunnel for my ex-clutch left foot, and I don't want to lose that as it is really handy.





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trouble is to get hands ,sockets spanners, tubes wrench, funnels squirt pots and uncle tom cobbley  tube fillers  in through the trap it needs to three times the size you first thought of, 

on mine the trap was a large section of truck mud flap ,  these seem useful  for many jobs like these.  flexible and good for noise reduction


but when youre upside down in varifocals this is best left to someone   ELSE   Ha!



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