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First ever on here! Just finished rebuild and after cleaning up hood frame for some reason the hood frame just will not sit down at rear deck, it is about 1-1/4 inches above deck. It will, if pushed, go down but then pops up again on release. Is this right? I cannot se any way to adjust this, even releasing the three bolts. The frame sits tight on the inner wheel arches. Will hopefully be able to see one at SEM but if anyone knows what is wrong I would appreciate it.


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Sorry, I should have said that the hood is not actually on the frame, it is just that the frame sits proud of the rear deck and it has been so long off the car that I cannot remember whether it should sit as high as this! The offside goes down further than the nearside and this would point to possible a bent frame but I cannot see any difference between the 2 sides! Thanks for the comments. 

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