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2000/2500 Lockheed handbrake expanders

Pete Lewis

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Not happy with the handbrake on my 2000 mk2 on examining the rear brake its common to many cars of the 70s 

with expander and ratchet cam auto adjusters

the main wear is in the cable lever pivot , repaleds that with a shanked bolt , but there is a wear point where the lever rubs on the shoe webb , so a bit more of a search required  

heres a usefull site with all the old brake catelogues ....but no expanders are listed by lockheed   Odd that  !!




this is the expander 1309-Tiny.jpg  used on lots of UK built cars on the vintage


well supply of 518681/2 for the saloon is rocking horse pooh

supply for Stag 519070 /1  is available in volume  

different part numbers normally mean different parts ....it seems on the face of it  not so..


im not stripping her down till we have finished drive it day,  but research the variety of photos  online supplies show

the   Lockheed numbers ,   for each part of the lever,  yes Stag brakes are different in a number of small upgrades and sizes ...but unless someone has used generic photo's  the Numbers on both 2000/stag levers show as 

the same ,, so by early next week i will have the old refettled off for a dimensional comparison

this may be a simple mistake by suppliers  photo shoot or a gross cock up in missed opportunity


next week will give me the answer ,, put up or shut up     Ha ! 


edit  just to add the self adjust ratchet cams work fine ,, no problems there.



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Yes thanks , I looked at mick earlier but none listed


Whilst theres not much wrong with what I have fitted im on the case of the the lockheed identification numbers and check the stag with with the saloon ones


dog with a bone syndrome .


Do you have your old one ?? what number's are stamped into the levers ???



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  • 2 weeks later...

right the plot is solved ,  


the levers on 2000/2500 are expander spreader bar  35654410/11 for rh and lh   SAME AS STAG  


the handbrake pivoting lever is 3626 655X on 2000  and 3626 662K on Stag,  the difference being the Stag  lever is 15mm longer to the clevis hole

giving more mechanical advantage


so advantage to all 2000/2500 is to fit the cheaper and available Stag expander   part number  519070/71  which will  improve handbrake applied effort to the shoes .


so why has the supplier trade not work this out ??????  its not rocket science

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Well they are in fitted and perfect


To remove /refit the bar its tight btween wheel cyl and hub flange , undo the 6 back plate nuts and pull hub fwd a few mm lets the bar slip inside this would also be tight with the normal 2000 unit as the spreader bar is identical


the longer crank levers for the cable fit fine , just needed small cable adjustment

6 clicks max at the handbrake and its fine


she was fitted with non asbestos cardboard linings a year ago they look awfully orrible

black and grotty they are in the bin and the old proper ones refited


if anyone had concerns about the cable lever being 15mm longer its unfounded and

you could drill a clevis hole to replecate the shorter and pick a long or short option


well chuffed with the idea and the result



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Thanks for looking ,


The orig linnings make far better braking than the aftermarket which were from club shop

Ex brake engineering , you could apply the foot or hand brake and still turn the wheels just no friction

and the more you cleaned and re tested the black dusty grime appeared on the brake linning surface


putting the old OE spec back on and jimminy cricket one heck of a difference


so with stag spreaders and old linings you can tell you have some ground anchors at the back end

MOT at 9 today that should prove out some better figures than the raised eyebrows from last year


its been an interesting excercise



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You need to make sure the expander is operating the ratchet cams that lock the shoe in its fully adjusted

position , the age old thing is the cable lever gets siezed on its pivot.


if you whip a drum off and gently press pedal you can hear the ratchet click up the cam

easy to de adjust by lifting the sprung upper ratchet cam out of mesh.


the car leapt out the rollers on handbrake rollers at todays MOT,


if the adjuster cam ratchets have worn and dont grip the kit is vastly expensive for what it is


if the cable is pulling the adjuster and opening the shoes you will always have a poor foot brake.


must get the adjusters to work ok then fit cable


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