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Sliver of rubber - Needle Valve - Stromberg Carbs

Paul H

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Hi just upgraded all R6 fuel pipes to R9 grade - I was very careful about cutting the rubber pipe and used a pipe cutter with a stanley blade. My vitesse fired up ok though it was clear one carb was leaking from the float bowl gasket . 


Stripped the carb and found the culprit , a sliver of rubber stuck in the needle valve 


Hope this helps someone else 







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Possibly from pushing the rubber connecting pipe onto one of the metal connections!!  Took me weeks to find the little blighter

as in my case it was actually stopping the fuel flow through the needle valve, but only when on full demand IE trying to overtake or going up hill..

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Youve been stung with one of my avid hates , the blighters are everywhere


Every hose connection disturbed is a potential for these floating slivers,

Its a good case for reducing the number of hose /bundy connections and use decent rubber

in longer lengths and delete some bundy


One idea/ solution is to add a flare to the pipe so no sharp cutting ends , helps seal and the hose clip cant slip off. Same as coolant pipes



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