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Lucas 22 D6 dizzy for Vitesse Mk1 2 Litre


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Hi thanks Richard.


Have saved the Lucas info, as prefer the old stuff and found it reliable if looked after.


My car is a mostly daily driver, so trying to avoid lengthy repair times, therefore trying to accumulate some spares that I can test/fix up a bit bit maybe and then fit if need be to keep the car going.


Saying that, I don't even know what can suddenly go wrong with a dizzy (advance springs breaking maybe etc? any one know please)


Cheers Dave

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Dizzy's are in the main pretty robust items, it's a case of general wer & tear over the years such as the springs losing their tension and of course the inevitable shaft wear which when significantly worn will cause problems setting the timing due to fluctuating dwell.


As with anything mechanical a sudden break can occur, although such events are few - I am bound to be proved wrong now !!


The important care factor is to ensure that the parts of the dizzy are lubriacted as per the WSM and that any internal minor screws are checked for tightness.


As you correctly say, when looked after properly they function well.





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Youre lucky if you have a lucas , they are able to be diy repaired most are delco and when its gone

its gone ,


just fitted an accuspark to a mkIV and the clamp is incorrect diameter and design.to replace a delco

the clamp abutement needs a lathe. Or a new very different pedestal.


Your club shop is marketing a new lucas with tacho drive but can be pricy

Lucas+Tacho drive were rare beasts.in the supply chain .

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The only differences between the different lucas dizzys (referring to the ones with tacho drive, found on all vitesse 2000, plus the TR5 and 6 I think) are going to be the baseplate which sets max advance, springs which will all be out of spec by now, and possibly weights. The vacuum capsule probably varies too.


All these can be adjusted/altered.


However, if you want a good dizzy, send yours off to have refurbished by the distributor doctor. He will overhaul it to as good as new or better, and he knows how to set the advance curves up to whatever spec engine you have, and will take into account modern fuel. I reckon he would also supply spare springs at the same time if you ask nicely!


That will probably cost the same as buying a secondhand unit.

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