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Camshaft Bearings


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Hello All

             What is the considered opinion about camshaft bearings in a 1500 engine?


I am just deciding about parts for my next engine!


I have decided on a Newman PH2 camshaft! I have asked them and they will grind one on a small bearing camshaft.


So I thought I would measure the block so I made a gauge about 30mm long with 1.968"(Go) on one end and  1.9695"(no go) other end.


When tried in the block only the 'go' end will fit(just) so all bores are within Triumph specs!


So now I am wondering if it is worth fitting bearings(bought cheap) and I do not know how good the fit will be until fitted?


So what,s the considered opinion?(experience)




ps do you need the expensive followers to go with the PH2 camshaft? EN40,s  or will chilled iron do? I shall only run single springs I think(jaguar type)

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Fitting the bearings into the block should be easy. Just line up the oil way with the hole in the bearing. May help the block outlast you and me.

As to followers, I would follow the cam makers spec.

Good call on the Jag springs, ok until you are past the end of the red line!

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Hello All

             I have decided to fit the camshaft bearings and have a small cam ground.(As someone said it saves ruining the block)


I will fit them and make a Go & No Go gauge before I have the cam ground.


Still not sure about valve springs now? Newman Cams list single for PH1 to 3 cams?


I have also bought Peter Burgess book on Cylinder heads(Cheap) I have cleaned up a few ports in my life but just by looks!


So thought I will have a read on how it should be done(I do not think I will build a flow bench!)


But the first thing he says is fit the 36.4mm inlet valves! just after I have bought 35mm!!!!!!


I am not sure if I could do that with the seats that are factory fitted?(I may just go with the 35mm ones)


After all I am not after the very last bit of power! a nice 80 to 90bhp would do and hopefully be reliable?


It keeps the old brain active!



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