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Vacuum Pipe Connector Elbow

Paul H

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Looking at replacing Vacuum Pipe Elbow Connectors , both have perished despite one being a year old , visible cracks and unable to hold any vacuum when tested .


Any sources welcome .


Also newbie question - with the 2 new connectors and connected pipe connected and linked to a Vacuum tester - does the section have to hold the Vacuum for the advance to function correctly ?



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yes it collects vacuum from a small orifice just past the throttle plate this generates the vacuum to advance the base plate by the diaphragm capsule and advances the timing when at low throttle openings  ie cruising,  has nothing to do with manifold vacuum . in fact its about completely the opposite

the vac unit gives approx 4mpg help to fuel consumption,and  has no effect on accelerations.


get a better quality reinforced hose to fit over both spouts and dump the elbow idea , pipe diameter is not critical



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