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Night dimming relay - GT6 Mark 3

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Hi all


I am intending to scrap the night dimming relay (yellow Lucas relay fixed inside rear wing).


Easy enough to join up the same coloured wires but do I just blank off the red feed and the black earth wires or should they be doing something even if there is no relay any more...?





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ive always ( i think) just connected all the same like for like  together and dumped the earth

...Or just pull the (black) earth connector off the relay, tuck it out of the way and close the boot.


The default 'path' through the relay is not-dimmed and it's powering the sidelights that creates a circuit through the relay to the relay's earth connection that flicks things to dimmed. Take the earth off and the relay activation circuit can never complete so the lights never dim.


Done this in both my Spitfire and 2.5PI with no issues.

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