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1147 pushrod tube leaks


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Hi all


I have just rebuilt my mk2 spitfire's 1147cc engine after being in the garage for 25 years (car was a 1500) the head was converted to unleaded and lightly skimmed. Now I find oil leaking from the pushrod tubes. Is there any way to fix this, preferably without stripping the head back off. I can't really tell if the leak is top or bottom.


Dan Miller

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some work to dribble brush somthing like loctite 574 or similar will seap into the  tube clearance and goes solid when air is excluded,  once the  seeped in has set wipe of any excess

never tried this but these types of product work very well


there is no on car mechanical after the event fix that ive ever come across 

await more clues 



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dont get the socket  stuck !!!


you can with a fiddle jack the tubes out with a large expanding  rawl bolt  never tried but have seen it done years ago.

can also be used to  lift followers if there's room to extract them .


then fit new tubes only to find they still leak 

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To be honest. I just put the engine together so taking the head off is not too serious particularly if I wait till winter when I don't use the car. I will try the above first and have a chat with the shop that did the head work. Only problem with head off is that I used my new old stock head gasket and probably won't find another and I don't think Payen do am 1147 one.

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