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Steering Wheel Boss

Peter Bates

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I have a 1972 Vitesse

I also have a Les Leston steering wheel

What I don't have is the boss to enable me to fit one to the other.

I have looked on ebay and whilst there are Les Leston steering wheels I can find no bosses.

Does anyone know if I can use a boss from another wheel (Mota Lita? Mountney?) and modify that to fit?



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Which one do you have? There are variations in the boss.

If it's the six-hole boss then there's no reason why another boss shouldn't fit, it's only a matter of finding out which one. If it fits the Triumph and the diameter / circumference are suitable then drilling or tapping fresh holes to suit the wheel should be relatively easy.

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I think what the seller means is the Boss is Two piece and one piece (the one that fits on the splines of the steering column I think) has a Square section which locates into the steering wheel centre?


I had a spare Formula Steering wheel which I refurbished, this too didn't have the two piece centre boss and I never did find one in over 7 years of searching :(


Ended up selling just the Wheel without the Boss.


Reading the advert more closely, it would seem this boss may be for a Formula wheel not a Les Leston? 

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yes the spokes leave a squarish hole , the horn push is held on with 2 screws 


I had to drill  the boss and re countersink the spokes as the holes were worn through years and i guess loose screws 

and the whole thing would creak and groan,  

looking at the prices should have taken it off when i sold her 

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