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Replacement terminal screws for Lucas switches


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The windscreen wiper switch was bypassed on my Herald when I bought it, and the function performed by an after market toggle switch.


I assumed the original didn't work, however following my efforts to diagnose an issue with the wipers just not working at all, turned out to be a dodgy earth connection, I've also discovered that the old switch works just fine.


Unfortunately it's missing the terminal screws, possibly why it was bypassed in the first place.


I'm keen to reinstate the original switch, but does anyone know where I can get a couple of terminal screws?


I've tried looking online, but without luck.





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You could try talking to a specialist Lucas supplier such as Holden. They will not be cheap but do know their stuff and have some staff with real hands on experience.


I think much of the old Lucas stuff uses BA fasteners rather than AF or metric.

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Thanks for the responses everyone.


I think I'll start by trying to find an old household plug.


I did have a look through all the usual places around house and garage yesterday for an old plug, but Sod's law they are the melded plastic type!


Time for trip into the loft.


If that fails I'll give Holdens a go as I wanted to order an illuminated reversing light switch anyway.


Thanks all.



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