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  1. This is from the early GT6 Parts Catalogue fiche version.
  2. I extracted from this edition as found on the Heritage CD.
  3. Pages from Triumph GT6 Spare Parts Catalogue.pdf Here are some pages from the Triumph GT6 Parts Catalogue for early cars.
  4. I had my Vitesse Strombergs refurbed by Burlem Services: http://zenithcarb.co.uk/. Knowledgeable telephone chaps and a rapid turnaround on the work after booking the carbs in.
  5. You might like to take a look at this old Triumph training. Originally a film strip that was scanned by Adrian Hebron to PDF. Converted to video format by me. The booklet about the subject is available from my website: http://vitessesteve.co.uk/ServiceTrainingNotes.
  6. As the video shows it was the Triumph Spitfire that ran at LeMans. It featured changes from the normal road car including a special reshaped body.
  7. Tony Lindsay Dean used to supply diffs. I think is now winding down. Have seen that he is selling off some stock
  8. Quoting from their website Robush became a UK distributor for Trelleborg™, Novibra™ and Metalastik™ in 2005. I seem to remember Trelleborg as a rotoflex source in the past. Think they are Swedish.
  9. If you bought the wheels from a trader they should be able supply appropriate nuts. Alloy wheels often fasten using tapered washers or nuts rather than flat face nuts. A photo of the wheels showing the holes might help somebody identify the nuts needed.
  10. Try here lots of Triumph stickers: http://www.classicrepro.co.uk/Triumph.htm A business owned by real enthusiasts.
  11. More searching found it. HOLDINGS S&M LIMITED Company number 11443748 The Administrator appointment and notice of proposals tell the story: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/11443748/filing-history/MzI3MzMwNzY3OWFkaXF6a2N4/document?format=pdf&download=0
  12. S&M TRIUMPH RESTORATION LIMITED went to members voluntary liquidation 14/11/2018 according to companies house. This is old news see https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2018/11/0166/SM-Triumph-Restoration-Ltd-enters-liquidation The auction is said to be on behalf of an Administrator acting on holdings of S & M Ltd. I can not find either "Holdings of S & M Ltd" or "S & M Ltd" listed. So the business would appear to have failed again but not not sure what it name it was actually registered under.... S&M T6 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE LE MANS LTD is currently listed as
  13. The auction is of S&M Ltd stuff according to the website listing.
  14. I wonder what has happened to the moulds etc from the plastic body Spitfire T6?
  15. Thanks Clive these were in a batch of Isle of Wight treasure I rescued recently.
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