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Spitfire rear Gaz shock advice

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I have a Spitfire 1500 stripped to a bare chassis and have bought Gaz adjustable rear shocks from the club shop. Unfortunately I am a bit stumped about fitting them. The old shocks attach at the top to the end of the chassis rear tower with a very fat set screw, and at the bottom to the thinner attached set screw on the vertical link. The Gaz shocks however have a large bush hole at the top and a thin bush hole with metal sleeve at the bottom, that is too small for the vertical link set screw. That is assuming that they are mounted with the wording Gaz the right way up and the adjuster knob on the shocks at the bottom. If that is true, then the top would fit fine to the big set screw, but the bottom won't fit the vertical link set screw???????

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Hi , just fitted gaz adjustables (from the shop ) for my Vitesse mk2 . I can confirm you have them the right way up as the adjuster is at the base and the base has a metal insert . Have you tried contacting the TSSC Shop ?



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