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Overdrive Removal

Darren Groves

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I don't think it can be done. Once you have gained access to the overdrive, a few extra nuts and bolts removed and the whole gearbox will come out.

Let us know how you get on if you manage it.



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I agree with DJN

- I can't see how it could be done :

After unbolting the the o/d from the gearbox you would have to then slide the o/d backwards along and then off the tailshaft.

I do not think there would be enough room to do this ie the floor would prevent this- as there isn't a huge lot of lee way removing the g/box and o/d as one unit.

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ive done it with a D type on the Vit6 , jack up as high as possible and it will come off the back ok


keeping the inside hubs aligned to put it back is a right faf even with then aligned with a dummy shaft took a few goes.


tip  when gearbox and OD are ready for refit, prise open the piston plates with two screwdrivers this releases the cone and allows the two hubs to spin freely and self align, when it drops keep fingers out the way and remove the screwdrivers 


never forget to fit the pump cam woodruff key   (Ive come across a few of those tee shirts )  and turn the cam to its lowest point 

to allow the pump roller to ride up its ramp.

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