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Poor quality Column bushes

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Hi all

Has anybody found any decent steering column bushes on the market? Having just had the battle of a life time removing the old (for MOT advisory on the top one), fitting the new ones has also proved a challenge only to find the side tabs broken whilst fitting and frankly, I've little confidence that the plastic inserts staying in place for long, once I've managed to get them in!!

Such a shame to remove such a good quality OEM part (albeit, very 'slightly' warn) and have to replace with a 'nasty' part :(

I got the replacements from Rimmer's and understand there is one main producer of this type for most suppliers but wondered if anybody has found a better quality replacement?

Thank you.


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Struggling to find where these posts hide


To get the mot  can you reduce the clearance with some  tape  on the inner column   I  had some nice self adhesive copper foil

Good for dodges like this 

Its the crap plastic insert thats the problem

Its not available as polybush as far as I know 



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