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Quick Q re Herald bonnet assembly


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Hi all - I'm new here so will post an intro thread soon (promise...) and progress on my '64 Herald 1200 Convertible... However... a quick bit of advice please?

What order should I install the front on my car... namely, overriders, lower valance and bonnet?

Each way I try I seem to be fighting it, the front panel doesn't clear the overriders and the overriders won't go on after the valance... any tips? :) 

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Trial fit everything before any final fitting, but you'll find as Pete says that the repro front valences do not have a sufficiently wide aperture for the 1200 overriders. You'll need to very carefully grind it back so I'd advise fitting the valence and match it to the bonnet, minus overriders, and then very carefully mark the size of the aperture required to clear the overriders without being too tight a fit. It's have to be a very careful grind back of the valence - don't be tempted to cut a huge whack out of it as if you go wrong it can either be very expensive or very apparrent from the front of the car. Measure two or three times, check carefully, and only then start grinding.

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From experience with mine it's much easier to get bonnet pivot bolts set up without the front valance in place, as you have unfettered access to the pivot plates and bolts.

The front valance can then be slid into place and bolted up, then the grill and overiders fitted.

Mine is an original valance, so not sure if that makes things easier.



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Great stuff, that makes sense to me - The valance is after market I think. It's not rusty so it must be :D  (just checked and it's black on the back too...)

Cheers all, I'll try that when I come to fettle the bonnet etc over winter.

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