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Identifying Solex Carbs from 1200 Herald

Colin Lindsay

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Despite having instruction manuals and handbooks galore, I can't seem to find any clear indication or any clear concise guide to identifying the different types of Solex carbs fitted to early Heralds.

Canleys offer three service kits: B30PSE1 quoted for early and late cars ( two different kits), and B30Z1CS, but the exploded diagrams give no clear indication of the differences between them.

The two I'm working on are slightly different but I can't make out the model number on either so they're no help.

The photo is the larger of the two, which I'm almost certain came from my 1964 convertible, but then again could have been replaced.

Anyone give me a pointer before I waste money on the wrong recon kit?


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The B30ZIC-5 has no pump, nor has the B28ZIC(3/5).  The 30 and 35 refer to the bore diameter in millimetres.  The 28 is for the 948 engines, the 30s for the 1200.  The ZICs generally have a short inlet pipe (which connects to a rubber feed tube)  The PSE-1 generally has a metal pipe all the way from the  pump to the carb.  I'm not aware of a difference in the kits for the PSE-1s although the specs did vary a little throughout production.  Perhaps the difference is in whether the kits include jets, etc.  Canley know a thing or two.  Give them a call.


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You cant tune  it  ,  only adjust the idle and idle mixture the rest is fixed

Do make sure all the small drillings in the top face and extix near the throttle plate 

You can adust the choke fast idle by bending the link rod

On some the automacity spring can be adjusted on the choke flap the coil spring can be  clipped up some small ratchet like teeth on the choke flap spindle lever to load the flap more in colder climates




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A bit too late here to help you, Colin, but might be useful to others.

The ID marks on my Solex B30 PSEI are stamped on the float chamber body, but barely readable.


Carb ID.jpg

Edited by Stuart R
Carb stripped down here, so it doesn't look the same as yours!
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