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Novice Question: Solved problem but not sure what I did :0)

Mark D

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Hi guys, another mechanical spitfire-related question to you awesome experts from a complete novice!
If anyone can help shed some light for me please, I'd be very grateful :0) 
I had a problem which I seem to have fixed but not sure how! I did a handful of things, but not sure which would have solved it!
Up until today car (1300 MK3)  started up perfectly.
After I replaced the windscreen washer pump I went to start the car up, and she started okay, but as soon as I took my foot of the accelerator the revs dropped off completely and  she'd cut out. Whilst I'm learning, I'm pretty confident that a washer pump isn't going to effect the car like that?!? ;)
I thought maybe she was cold, so I ran her for a bit with the revs up, took foot off, and she cut out. 
One thing I've noticed recently when I start her up though, is I pull the choke out to fire her up, and then as soon as she's started, I have to pop the choke back in straight away and bring the revs up a bit for about 1 minute or so. From there she'll tick over okay, although I can't help think she's ticking over a little high at 1,200 to 1,500 rpm? 
Other things I did (one of which was the solution) was: 
1) nudged the timing spindle on the distributor by about 2 notches (this doesn't make sense to me though as she was working fine about 2 days ago so not sure how it could have changed, but I do understand that this setting can impact how the car runs and starts etc)
2) The plastic 'casing' on the choke cable runs a bit short, so sometime it catches when it goes into the 'pipe/hole' I tweaked that a few times to get it to settle in correctly - but again - I've had this before but doesn't result in the car stalling. 
3) I'd recently replaced the coolant (drained/flushed etc) but didn't realise you have to leave the engine running for 15 mins and that whilst it looks like you've filled it up, when you do this, it sucks a lot of coolant into the system, so you need to top it up even more. That said, unless I'm missing something completely obvious, I'm certain that an airlock or something in the radiator wouldn't cause the car to cut out? BUT, still feel I need to ask as it was one of the things I did which resulted in the fix :)
My guess it's something to do with the choke or the timing, but thought I'd ask here :)
Sorry again for such a daft question, but thought I'd ask here, not only to find out what the problem might be, but also if it's an indication of another underlying problem I might need to look at. 
Many thanks guys :)
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Its my guess the jet is not returning after using the choke

Give the  base of the jet under the carb a prod with any finger , it will probably pop upwards , it must sit against its adjusting nut

Su  are good at having aged sticking problems with all the nasty levers that drop the jet when you pull the choke out and they stick there regardless of where the dash control is 


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My guess would be the choke was holding on hence why you have to push it back in fairly quickly. 

Idle speed is about 700-900rpm so 1200-1500 is too high - except when hot and the choke pulled to set fast idle. 

And as Pete has just said. 

Everything else you have done won’t affect anything. 

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Thanks Pete, thanks Doug - really appreciate you taking the time to reply :)

Will have a look at the jet and thanks for the note about the revs! 

The Twiddle Day 2 thing sounds seriously cool - just what I need lol - I'm based in the Cotswolds near Cheltenham - I just had a look on the event bit of the site but didn't see anything on there - have you got any details of where and when please? Would love to come to this :)

Thanks again! 

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Arrrrrggghhh - I do have an excuse - I'll be in France lol 

Gutted - that looks like an amazing event :(

I'll keep my eyes out for the next one! The fact that you guys run events like this is brilliant - something like that is just what I'd need. I learn from doing as I'm pretty visual learner, so would have been great to be there as someone goes through various steps. 


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That's part of the problem mate - my Mrs is French, so I have to let her 'keep her eye in' with her family and the strange language and food/customs etc over there. 

This time next year it'll be fine though as they'll lock the gates and the Brits won't be allowed in ;)

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