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Stromberg vrs SU


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Both designs do a good job

I tend to love stroms,

If you strip them down and lay out the components parts and the way they are designed then strombergs have to win

Far less bits and bobs and less wonky linkages,   stroms are a much younger design.

A strom will be a little more ecconomical  not anything spectacular

You will be lucky to find a twin carb manifold for a spit to take stroms without some searching and or modifications

Its down to preference and experiences with,  you either love or hate one or the other or neither

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Thanks Pete. Didn't realise it was a manifold swop too. Iv no major problems with the SU it's a general question. Iv still got bits to work through re ignition which may solve my kangaroo issue before I reach the carbs. 

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You can still find manifold adaptors on eBay and the like; they're a thin block that bolts to the manifold which convert the mount spacings for one carb to those of another, and are usually reversible so by turning them round you can convert from SU to Stromberg, or if on Strombergs, then to SUs.

If the Spit 4 is the same porting as the 1200 Herald - I suspect it is? - manifolds such as the Alexander conversion will take two 1.25 Strombergs.

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Thanks Colin. So it's doable then. Just another option if I find the SU a pain in the arse. Can't see the point in constantly messing with carbs if better options are available. I would keep the SU on a shelf.  Prefer a car to run sweet than worry over original spec. 

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