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Fuel pump identification


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Both pics   seem to show the same pump,  ??

There are a whole range of differeing designs from the variety of suppliers , the important bit is the length and angle of the cam lever and

The indexing of the inlet outlet unions to match your installation

If your original had a plastic heat spacer between block and pump the replacement will probably  need this removing and shorter studs fitting

So yes there are many different pumps for the same job

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6 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

The pic is an originall AC   not , made now, only varieties of replicas or often very different designs

Could be available as new old stock

Kits for the ac are avaiable diaphragms are easy but the valves will be coined /staked in and not easily replaced 



Spitsbits in the States do a very close copy of the original AC pump which has a nice smooth land area on the lever where it bears on the cam, I believe it's the same pump for a Herald??? Some of the cheap repro ones look as if the lever has been punched from sheet with a die that's seen better days and thrown straight in the plating bath without deburring!


Apparently they also keep a repair kit for it.

I don't suppose you know of any uk based supplier who stock something of this quality?


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Yes ive seen some with a cam follower looking like a bit  cut from a ww2 tank trap

Some  are awfull   some hardly pump,  find one with a cast lever and your lucky,

Keep an eye for an old glass top and youre more than luck  and you can swap levers on them 

As for where from ...its pot luck


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