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Vitesse 6 top alternator bracket


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I am fitting a Lucas type Alternator to my Vitesse 6.

But I dont have a top bracket for it.

What is the  bracket distance between the alternator and the thermostat housing bolt? 

I have seen the ones using a turnbuckle and I like that idea. 




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On 5/1/2018 at 9:31 AM, Pete Lewis said:

this was with a 75 amp alternator we just used the ori dynamo bracket , shorted the threaded bottom mount to align the pulley

and a straight adjuster bar ,  but no idea of the length now 


Vit6 2009 008.jpg

Straight? It looks like it curves upwards.... :o   I'm just back from Specsavers too so it can't be the fault of the glasses.

I have the adjustable bracket on mine, it works well and looks shiny; probably overkill though. The Motor Museum at Beaulieu use them as tensioners on their wire fences....

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