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condition of driveshafts/bearings, Vitesse

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I have just bought a pair of secondhand driveshafts. They have not been dismantled/rebuilt.

The hubs have no play and turn smoothly and will spin a bit on the shafts. One hub is slightly more free turning for about 1/2 to 2/3 rds of a revolution.

could this be an issue does anyone know?.

The possible condition of the shaft/hub bearing surface, is the important thing I guess?. 

I will not be able to strip them for a while, to inspect, as I don't have a puller as yet. I will have to strip them, as have spitfire Mk4 brake plates.

I think everything else is the same for Vitesse?.

Any advice, great please.

Thanks, Dave



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If they're relatively early Mk4 Spitfire shafts, and if they have the larger UJ flanges, then the brake backplates are the only thing you need to swap (well, plus the shoes and drums, obviously) to fit a Mk1 Vitesse.

Late Mk4 Spitfires had the longer shafts, like the 1500s.

Whether the localised stiffness/looseness is a problem depends what's causing it. If the bearings feel smooth and are quiet, it's not likely to be them. Possibly something caught in a seal, or between the hub and backplate, or maybe the inner grease cap fitted wonky? None of those would be a problem. You'd have to strip it to find out.

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