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Irish Trip 2018 - Vitesse Mk2

Paul H

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Triumph Vitesse Mk2 1969 Saloon , Overdrive, Britax Sunroof 

We've just got back from a trip to Ireland in our Vitesse WBL 281 H and like to share some facts and figures and we did get there and did get back - a few minor hiccups but proof it can be done 

Departed 23rd May - arrived back 5th June

We live in Bury St Edmunds  and the mileage to Holyhead  approx 300 miles - did this over 2 days meeting up with family on the way 

Weve never been away in a classic before so didnt know what to expect so booked 3 nights B&B , Athlone, Doolin, Kilimer ( nr Kilrush ) All found using Booking.com - They do offer free cancellation though with B&B its 1 or 2 weeks , with Hotels it could be just a day . Using Booking.com keeps everything is in one place as well

We ended up in Kilimer and needed to decide if we were crossing the Shannon using the ferry or stay in the area. We chose to stay in County Clare as found the short hops not to our taste , so settled on a Guest House just out side Ennis - The choice was good and luckily enough was able to extend our stay for 4 nights going out for day trips which we thoroughly enjoyed though some of the roads meant travelling at less than 20mph with every part of your car trying to shake to bits 

On Friday 1st June we headed off to Portloaise for the Gordon Bennett Rally meeting up with our daughter , husband and friends . They were in 2 Porsche 914,s and a 4.2 E type 2 + 2

The rally has about 150 entries and celebrates Gordon Bennett who actually existed , check this link , all cars prior to 1985 are eligible, though this trigger date is negotiable. The event lasts for 3 days and each evening a meal / entertainment is provided . The Irish hospitality is unrivaled and they appreciate the effort many of the drivers have made to go to the event - If anybody is interested  its always the Irish Bank Holiday which was the 1st June this year - There are ferry / hotel deals which are not easy to find so more than happy to forward details

Triumphs were represented with stags, TR's , one Herald and my Vitesse

More links :  Facebook  ,,  Youtube of all the cars starting the rally  

All in all a great holiday and bucket list ticked especially as our Vitesse wasnt ready for last year's rally .

Issues we had . We didnt take enough 20/50 oil . 1 litre is not enough and its not easy to purchase .  On reflection I think my dipstick is wrong as topped up to the full mark - Went down to 1/2 much quicker than I expected then stayed at 1/2 for a lot longer - plan is now to change the oil , put in 3.5 litres , note the level and then put in 1 more litre  ( Thanks Pete ) - I know im losing oil through the rocker box gasket , piston 6 . Despite changing the cork gasket its still seeping and didnt want to over tighten - I think a neoprene gasket is the way forward .

The weather has been glorious throughout and this I think the heat contributed to not being able find any gears one afternoon early in the journey - I removed the carpet section ( with a knife ) + sound padding behind the clutch and this increased the clutch throw and all gears accessible .

Having Overdrive helped a lot and made driving more comfortable and the MGF seats were excellent especially over the longer journeys and rough roads - Despite sound / heat insulation and good carpets the cabin did get warm on the sunny afternoons and the sunroof cooled things down and made for a pleasant driving experience - We have a single exhaust and very grateful I didnt go down the wheel barrow route . Plus some of the rural roads would have removed any low hanging exhausts and after a day of rural roads you will need to check you havent lost anything - 

Facts : 1421 miles in total , average mileage 29.94 mpg, Longest journey in one day 195 miles (A5 , M6, A14 )

The engine was faultless started every time , we used 95 petrol all the time ( never saw anything else ) + octane booster - No pinking and no loss of power though the Vitesse is never pushed hard 

Heres some pics to prove we made the trip 

Hopefully this will inspire others to have a go and it wont be long before we start planning the next trip 

I know for a fact without the help of this Forum we wouldnt have made the trip - so a genuine thanks to all who have helped me in preparing WBL281H










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Hello Paul,

I am glad it all went well under the circumstances and a great trip to report back on - an excellent result.

Pictures of the Mk2 look spot-on and Eire is a wonderful country to explore - fine land & fine people.

To do 1421 miles in a straight 6 has to be the ultimate music in ones ears !!!! Happy days :) !!




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