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What does this clip do?

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I have managed to get a new mainshaft for my 3 rail spitfire gearbox with the correct drive for my J type overdrive, but the clip from the old shaft looks very small on the new one as the gap is much larger. The clip is in between the 2 shafts in the photo. On the darker broken one it fits the gap after the splines but the machined area on the new one is much bigger. What does the clip do and is it needed? I have not found it in any catalogue yet.


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Just purchased a reconditioned exchange ‘J’ type gearbox with an overdrive unit for my 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 from a well know supplier.

I have a couple of questions which relate to this post from a year ago.

1.      When the unit was delivered there was a note telling me to remove a number of parts from the old unit before sending it back, most of which is straight forward. However, I did have a problem in locating a spring clip, Ref. 159503 at first, until I realised it was further up the shaft and not between the cam, Ref 159505 and the retaining spring, Ref 137308 as shown in the picture below and it doesn’t actual look like the one in the catalogue picture. My first question is similar to Spitfiredriver 71, It definitely is part of the 'J' type unit and it fits the shaft of my new overdrive unit , which is exactly the same as my old one and it is listed in Rimmers  catalogue. I was going to ask what does it actual do as it just seems to sit in a recess on the shaft but this thread seems to have answered my question?

2.      My second question is a bit more straight forward. The gasket, Ref. 37H1901 which goes between the overdrive unit and the gearbox is made of paper. Do I need to put any sealant/grease on either side of the gasket before bolting it together and if so what would you recommend and is there a torque setting for this bolts?

Many thanks

Overdrive unit 30.04.19.jpg

Overdrive unit to gear box 30.04.19.jpg

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All l will say that on my Vitesse which has a three rail gearbox with J type overdrive the only leaks, weeps, are from the overdrive gearbox interface. On my third glass of wine so free to ignore me.

I should ignore the meal deals, no self control.



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Of the clip is missing you get a noisy vibration , it damps the hub .

Only found rimmers sell it 

 its a triumph design not a laycock part.

I would use something like loctite 574 , as this sets you dont want anybthich slippy stuff on the faces

Being alloy torque is around   16 lb ft,  a light hand nip no gorrilla arms or you  strip the case easily



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