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Helllo from sunny Blackpool

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hello all, been sitting in the background observing things for a while getting a feel of the forum and I like what I see!

I have recently bought a imported gt6 mk111 which I have got running and moving (needs a brake master cylinder).

jobs I am going to be doing next is cleaning out and sealing fuel tank, replacing fuel pipe and master cylinder/brake pipes

I have just received a heritage certificate and all the numbers match it (original engine that runs sweet with 50k on it) the next problem I am going to have is that it has been imported but there is no paperwork with it so to register it in the uk I might need the help of the club if they do car inspections?

im used to rebuilding land rovers so this is a touch out of my comfort zone, I need to jack it up to get underneath it!

and please be gentle with me!

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Welcome from another GT6 Mk III owner!

Hoppefully the heritage certificate and matching numbers will make registration straightforward and you'll get an age-correct plate. Was it originally UK registered before going abroad?


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