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adjustable top wishbones

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Has anyone fitted the adjustable wishbones from Canley at all, are they worth fitting, the reason I ask I am about to start a full rebuild and thought i didn't have enough to do and wanted to knock up a set, if anyone had an outer dim for the tubing that would be great, Regards wayne

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On 7/31/2018 at 6:23 PM, clive said:

Pretty sure they use a transit drag link.... jury is out as to longevity etc. Useful if you want to get lots of neg camber and keep the top of the wheel inboard of the wing, but I haven't felt the need....

I wouldn't either, unless you have superwide wheels / tyres... but I have a set of the adjustable wishbones and they're quite a good product from what I can tell. Saves faffing about with shims. I was going to measure the diameter for Wayne but can't get access to that garage before tomorrow...

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