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herald 13 60 saloon roof wanted or webasto canvis mine ripped


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7 minutes ago, timmy586_6056 said:

i have bort a project triumph herald 13 60 saloon with webasto roof i would like to put sallon roof on without webasto  because i cant afford to get webasto redone or do any one have a kit for sale to do the webasto roof my self   im in norwich near old asda  thanks mike

Whats wrong with the webasto. Is it the top cover or headling thats ripped or the frame 


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I think all Triumphs were fitted with Britax? (not as romantic sounding/more basic than webasto, but do the job).

Also, one area that's overlooked I think, is the the rear plate that holds the top cover, can be adjusted for tautness, as the 3/4 fastenings move in elongated holes. 


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