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Horn stopped working

redhill man

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Hi Guys,

             Recently my horn was working intermittently, and has now stopped working altogether. When the horn button is pressed, I can hear the relay click. but no horn.


            I have purchased a new relay from Rimmers, SRB402 (is this correct? Rimmers say yes) it has different pin numbers to the existing relay, and no matter which way I connect the wires, I get no sound from either from the relay or the horn.


            I have removed the horns, and cleaned the earth wire connections, also the wire to the steering rack. I have wired the horns directly to the battery, and they work fine. This problem is driving me mad, any help would be appreciated. Unfortunately my electrical knowledge is not good.

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Looking at the part number on the Rimmer Bros website, it looks loke the relay that they propose is a general purpose relay for things like the horn, and it appears to have four terminals.


The original Triumph horn relay (no longer available new) had three terminals, which means that there is a "common" inside the relay - at the C2 terminal.

These terminals were marked

C1 - which goes to the horns, and the other side of the horns goes to earth

C2 - which goes to the (fused) 12V supply, and on to other things that need 12V, so

W1 - goes to the push button on the steering wheel, which is then earthed when pressed.


The new relay has four terminals, with the relay coil connected to two terminals and the switch contacts to the other two.

30/51 - this is where the 12V supply needs to be connected, and bridged across to the 86 terminal

85 - this is the equivalent of the W1 terminal

86 - connect to the 30/51 terminal, and as a pair they are the C2 terminal

87 - this is the equivalent of the C1 terminal

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can you post what car you have please , 


if you have a click from the relay ,then Kevins lead is on the right track


as you have checked the rack earth have you checked the wire that bridges the universal joint , 


assumed this is herald/vit/spit GT6 range ??



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Thanks for your replies, my car is a 1968 Mk 3 Spitfire.



      The manual I have shows an earth wire bridging the universal joint, I have removed the radiator to get a better view, but cannot see any evidence of a wire, or there having ever been a wire. However there does seem to be a piece of bare wire around the  joint, but could this not be the wires shown in the manual for securing the nuts to the bolts?


Also, as a click can be heard from the old relay, would that not confirm that the steering column is properly earthed?



          The variation in the numbering on the new relay was confusing me. Thanks for the above, will try again tomorrow

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Easy to test the effect of the column earth is to simple connect the top column shaft in the engine bay to

earth, if it improves things well there a clue,


yes some of the rubber disc uj has wired bolts to retain them there should be a seperate

link with eyelets under the bolt heads to brodge the rubber isolator


seen cars were a simple brass sweeper brush made to rub on column and earth to the baulkhead

to aleviate coulmn earth problems.


may be nowt to do with your problem but is more fun then emerdale !!!


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          Thanks for the correct method of wiring the old relay connections to the new relay. Unfortunately still no joy. I'm thinking maybe I have a duff new relay, so have ordered another.



         As suggested, have cleaned a section of the upper column, attached a wire, then attached the other end to the dynamo bracket. Still no joy. My son-in-law is coming over at the weekend with a multimeter, he knows a bit more about electrics than me, and he is going to try to trace the fault.


     Thanks to both of you for your help so far, will let you know how I get on.



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I would earth the steering column temporally with a jump lead or similar then try the horn. In my experience it is always a earthing problem.

You could replace the lower steering column joint with one with no rubber joints from Rarebits or from a triumph 2000.

Hope this helps

good luck!

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